Customer Help Desk

The First Step to Improved Customer Relations.

When your customers call with a question or a complaint, the worst thing you can do is put them on hold-- or not answer them at all. Such call handling errors can turn satisfied customers into irate customers. That's why you need Torcom.

Our talented operators answer customer service calls-- and questions --quickly and professionally. You'll not only save face, you'll save time and money. You neither need to hire new personnel nor tax current employees with extra call handling duties.

We answer the vast majority of questions asked us. Why? Because we work closely with you to understand your product or service. Your customers will be serviced promptly and knowledgeably. That tells them you care.

The Perfect Answer:
The Perfect Solution.

With over 30 years of telemessaging experience, Torcom is the perfect solution for customer service call handling. Look what we can do for you:

  • Answer your customer service calls-- minimize lengthy holds and missed calls
  • Provide answers to many common questions about your product or service
  • 24x7 on-line web support for your eBusiness needs
  • Notify you immediately of cases needing special care (complete questions, specific complaint, etc.)
  • Supply daily call activity via fax, remote printer, email, PC or hardcopy reports.