Live Telephone Answering Services

Torcom offers professional and customizable live telephone answering services and call center solutions. Our call center is large enough to service accounts of all sizes and small enough to cater to your every need. From basic 24/7 live telephone answering services for those times when you can't answer all your calls, to message dispatching, to complex customer service accounts ... if it involves the telephone, we can do it.

Never Miss Another Call: A Live Voice Answers Every Time.

Whether your customer calls at 3pm or 3am, on a weekday, weekend, or holiday, when you're out of the office or lounging on the beach -- Torcom operators are standing alert and ready to answer with a courteous, professional voice. Unless you choose to utilize our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services, Torcom will deliver you a live voice on every call. Every call that goes to voicemail is a missed opportunity you can't afford.

  • Gain new customers
  • Keep existing clientele completely satisfied
  • Ensure scalability as your business grows

Build a Professional Brand

Every time your customers call, one of our professionally trained live operators will answer the phone. Without fail. Since we work closely with you during account setup to develop customized scripts made specially for your business, we will become a seamless extension of your office, meaning your customer won't even realize he or she isn't talking directly with your staff. By never missing a call or letting a call go to voicemail, Torcom helps develop an earned trust between you and your customers. Your brand becomes reliability and professionalism. Brand recognition is a powerful tool for growing your business.

  • Fast, Accurate, and Reliable service earns your customers' trust
  • Prompt 24/7 call answering makes your customer feel important
  • Always be there for your customers


Contact us today to start building our partnership. No matter your industry, our live answering service can customize a plan best suited for your needs. Let us answer for you!