Torcom - The Order Entry Specialists

No matter how large, small, or complex your order taking needs are, Torcom call center operators can provide both basic and advanced Order Entry services. We have invested and will continue to invest in state of the art software packages. We have decades of experience. We can offer your customers the personal and professional service that they deserve and you demand.

Torcom, the order entry specialists, can professionally handle all of your order entry and order taking needs. We have over 30 years of experience helping businesses with order taking, allowing them to be open for business even when the clock strikes closing time. That’s because Torcom call center agents work around the clock answering the telephone every day of the year to help you boost sales all without requiring you to increase staff levels. This saves you money.

What We Can Offer You

  • Upsells & Cross-Sells
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Lower staffing costs
  • Increased profits
  • 24x7 Coverage
Developing a catalog full of products people want to have takes time. Receiving orders for merchandise around the clock and processing all the necessary information even more. That cuts into productivity. That's why you need Torcom-- the order entry specialists. We save you from time-consuming order taking to give you more time to do what you do best. We have over 30 years of telemessaging experience, so you can count on us to do things right. Our operators are highly skilled. Our equipment is high tech. Our commitment is professionalism every step of the way.


Do you sell your products on the web? Torcom can load your catalog into our database or we can pop your web catalog and our professional call center agents can handle taking orders straight from your website. Flexibility and customization aren’t just our strengths, they’re our promise to you.


Torcom can also provide fulfillment services for your business. From order taking to processing payments to fulfilling your customer's order, we are your one stop call center! If it involves the telephone, we can do it.

Never miss another order because your business is under-staffed. Let Torcom's award-winning operators become an extension of your office and help you boost the bottom line by accelerating sales.